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We have been operating since December 2011


About us

Our expertise allows us to carry out investments of broader and broader technical and technological profile. This is possible owing to training, constantly implemented new procedures, continuous increase in employment and engineering and technical staff.

In everyday life we follow such principles as:

We are guided by a sustainable development.



The atmosphere of professionalism on the construction site goes hand in hand with the creation of good atmosphere at work.

We respect each other, which greatly facilitates the daily operation and the implementation of contracts. We can take care of our inner motivation very well and we mobilize ourselves to achieve the goals soon as possible. We also set ourselves a high bar, due to which we execute contracts that are „gems” in Our industry.

Building trust is for us as important as the construction of a new investment. We are known as a reliable company, and this image is a great value for us. We are creative, but above all a responsible contractor, and it is worth to entrust us with the mission to create a dream space.



Our customers, who entrust us with their projects, can feel safe, because our service is comprehensive and fully tailored to their needs.

We are your business partner.


Maciej Hincmanowski – Member of the Board

Grzegorz Brzeziński – Member of the Board

Grzegorz Zapała – Proxy , Chief Implementation Officer

Beata Melon – Proxy , Administration Manager


Head office

INFINE Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
ul. Krypska 20 lok. U3
04-065 Warsaw

+48 22 241 16 12

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